Go! Princess Precure Movie: Go! Go!! Gouka 3-bon Date!!!
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Go! Princess Precure Movie: Go! Go!! Gouka 3-bon Date!!!
Go! Princess Precure: Go! Go!! Grand 3-Part Movie!!!

Run time
1h 15m

The first Precure film to be comprised of 3 parts.

"Pumpkin Ōkoku no Takaramono" (The Pumpkin Kingdom's Treasure) will be a cel-style anime in which the Precure girls set off to rescue a kidnapped princess.

"Precure to Refi no Wonder Night!" (Precure and Refi's Wonder Night!, bottom in image) will be a full-CG anime. In this story, the kingdom of night lost its daytime, and the Precure girls fight alongside the kingdom of night's Princess Refi to take back daytime. Hinata Uegaki (young Nara in Shiki Theatre Company's Osaka stage production of Lion King and the winner of KANJANI no Shiwake Eight's "Musical Kids No. 1" competition) will guest-star as Princess Refi. The 11-year-old girl with remarkable singing ability will sing within the story in her first voice-acting role.

Finally, the "Cure Flora to Itazura Kagami" (Cure Flora and the Vain Mirror, center left) CG anime will be the franchise's first short story with no dialogue. It will feature super-deformed characters. Cure Flora (as a CG character) will interact with a playful spirit that dwells within a mirror.

[Source: Anime News Network]

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