1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
October 7, 2008 EDT

A spin-off series of Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

In the new story, the alien creature Stitch is running off on the mad scientist Jumba's space scooter when he gets caught in a space storm and has to make an emergency landing at Izayoi Island, the southermost tip of Japan. There, he meets Yuuna, a spirited fourth-grade girl who happens to know karate. Yuuna tells Stitch about the Stone of Chitama, a mysterious object that can make any wish come true. However, he has to perform 43 good deeds to receive his wish.

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  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
Stitch!: Zutto Saikou no Tomodachi
  1. Shin-Ei Animation
July 5, 2010 EDT

In their new adventure, Yuuna and Stitch move from their small island Izayoi to the Okinawa main island where Yuuna is supposed to visit a school. A new cast of friends awaits them there as well as a new crisis approaching from space.

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  1. Adventure
  2. Sci-Fi
An Ling Yu Shi Di Qi
  1. Studio TBA
March 26, 2017 EDT

Stitch has been kidnapped from Lilo by a gang of space criminals who want to replicate Jumba's Experiment 626 research. However, a rival gang attacks their ship wanting Stitch for themselves, allowing him to break free and escape back to Earth in the confusion. Upon reentering Earth's atmosphere, he lands in China's Huangshan mountains where he meets a young local girl named Ai Ling and becomes part of her family. Unfortunately for Stitch, the two space gangs still want to take him, so he's going to need some help to ward them off.

[Source: TV Tropes]