ToHeart 2
  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Harem
  4. Romance
  5. School
  6. Slice of Life
To Heart 2
  1. OLM
Oct 3, 2005 at 1:15pm EDT

Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takaaki Kono, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood friend Tamaki Kosaka, as well as many new accquaintances. Unbeknownst to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures.

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  1. Romance
To Heart 2 AD Plus
  1. Chaos Project
April 23, 2009 EDT

Volume 1
Silfa the robot maid is currently working at Takaaki's house. However, she seems to have a little trouble with her duties as part of it involves going out in public to buy groceries, and she's a bit "shy" in a sense. But when it comes to Haruka Yuzuhara's special curry, she'll do what she has to in order to make this special dish for Takaaki. And that includes some competition from Milfa (Harumi).

Volume 2
Involves summer, swimsuits and photography.

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