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LiveChart.me launched in August 2013 as the first website to aggregate anime information by season with live countdowns, tag filtering and general customizability. The goal: make the latest information from Japan about new anime available sooner to English speaking audiences in a format that is simple and easy to use.

Helping out

We appreciate all of the help we receive! Spreading the word about LiveChart.me, letting us know if you believe anything is missing or incorrect, and sending us feedback all really help.


LiveChart.me is a hobby project. In an effort to keep the project financially self-sufficient, we display a minimal number of banner and text advertisements. We greatly appreciate those who whitelist us in their adblockers.

The team

All information on LiveChart.me is maintained manually by a small team of volunteers.


Resident Non Non Biyori fan, developer and email support of LiveChart.me

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Hi! I'm an editor here at LiveChart! The name is Mike. Anime Fan Since 2013. Favourite Anime: Toradora! Hummingbird



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