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How is LiveChart.me kept up-to-date?

The majority of information on LiveChart.me is curated by a small team of volunteers who follow various news sources that we consider to be reliable. But we do utilize automation where possible for tasks that would otherwise be needlessly time consuming or tedious.

Is there a LiveChart.me API that I can use?

We do not offer a public API at this time.

What exactly do the countdowns count down to?

For TV series, the countdowns are counting down to the start of the first airing of the next episode.

For OVAs, movies and other titles with a release date lacking a specific time, the countdowns are counting down to the start of the day of release, adjusted for country of release. So, if you live in California and a film is premiering in Japan on September 28th, the countdown is adjusted to September 28th in Japan.

Why doesn't LiveChart.me specify which channel episodes will air on?

Because the information would be of little to no use to the majority of our users, we omit channels to make room for other information.

But if you do need channel information, Syoboi Calendar probably has what you're looking for.

Why are older anime missing from LiveChart.me's database?

While we aren't specifically against adding older titles, doing such would require a large investment of our time and resources that would otherwise be used for new features and current anime.

We are considering a crowdsourced method that would allow interested users to contribute to our older charts in an effort to both speed up the process and alleviate the burden on our small team.