FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

How is LiveChart.me kept up-to-date?

The majority of information on LiveChart.me is curated by a small team of volunteers who follow various news sources that we consider to be reliable, with automation utilized where possible.

Is there a LiveChart.me API that I can use?

We do not offer a public API at this time. However, we do have offer simple RSS feeds.

Is there a LiveChart.me app for iOS?

LiveChart.me is not available as an iOS app at this time, but we do hope to release an iOS app at some point in the future.

What exactly do the countdowns count down to?

For TV series, the countdowns are counting down to the start of the first airing of the next episode.

For OVAs, movies and other titles with a release date lacking a specific time, the countdowns are counting down to the start of the day of release, adjusted for country of release. So, if you live in California and a film is premiering in Japan on September 28th, the countdown is adjusted to September 28th in Japan.

Why doesn't LiveChart.me specify which channel episodes will air on?

Because the information would be of little to no use to the majority of our users, we omit channels to make room for other information.

But if you do need channel information, Syoboi Calendar probably has what you're looking for.

Why are older anime missing from LiveChart.me's database? (UPDATED Nov 1, 2018)

When we launched in 2013 our focus was solely new anime. While new anime are still our primary focus, we are slowly adding older anime based on our registered users' library imports for the convenience of anyone who wishes to keep track of their anime on LiveChart.me.

Why have all of my anime marks disappeared?

When you mark anime without being logged in to a LiveChart.me account, all of your marks are stored locally in your browser. While this may be sufficient for some, your locally stored marks will not be accessible from other browsers and will be completely lost if your browser data is cleared.

If you've recently created an account but aren't seeing the marks you made prior to registering, you will need to import your local marks to your account through our library import page.

Please contact us for support with your account.

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Why do some library features require me to have an account?

When you mark anime without being signed in, the marks are stored in your browser's localStorage. This allows you to mark a significant amount of anime without requiring an excessively large cookie but comes with a drawback: your localStorage marks are not sent to our server and thus cannot be used in filtering performed on our servers.

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Why can't I sign in?

After you signed up, we sent you an email with a confirmation link that will activate your account. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder or request a new link. If you did confirm your account, please continue reading.

If there is any chance that you may have used a different password when signing up, even by accident, please try resetting your password.

If you are still unable to log in, please contact us from the email you signed up with.

What do the the abbreviations in countdowns mean?

LiveChart.me database curators have the ability to specify a "type" on episodes to distinguish them when deemed necessary. The type of an episode affects the abbreviation displayed in its countdown.

EP (episode): Used for a standard episodes/releases that we don't feel need special classification

THTR (theater): The countdown is for a theatrical release, event premiere or otherwise physical screening

RLS (release): The countdown is for a Blu-ray and or DVD release

OVA: The countdown is for the release of an OVA

Web: The countdown is for a web release

SP (special): The countdown is for a special (e.g. extra bundled in the home release of a series)

ADV (advance): The countdown is for an advance release or screening (e.g. the episode of a series that premieres on a streaming service ahead of broadcast)

OTHR (other): A countdown that we felt needed to be distinguished but doesn't fall under any of our other categories

However these are just guidelines. There are always outliers and episode classification is ultimately at the discretion of the curator who entered the data.

If you still have any questions or comments regarding episode classification, please contact us.

Why does LiveChart.me list a show as TV while other databases list it as ONA/web?

Some databases, including LiveChart.me at one point, have decided to list certain shows as ONA/web series if episodes premiere online weekly ahead of television broadcast.

Regardless of how databases classify these shows, they are marketed and produced as TV anime. To further highlight how arbitrary this classification is, there are many shows that premiere online ahead of broadcast but remain classified as TV on many databases.

So, we have decided to, with a few exceptions, list shows that are produced and marketed as TV anime under the "TV" category regardless of advance web streaming.