About Release Schedules

February 27, 2024 Update

In response to user feedback, some aspects of Release Schedules—particularly defaults/Best Matches—have changed. The information on this page does not yet reflect the latest behavior.

Release Schedules enable LiveChart.me to offer countdowns and notifications which may be more useful than just the original Japanese premiere.

Best Match Release Schedules are available to all LiveChart.me users, no account required.

With a free LiveChart.me account, you can customize this further by pinning and/or following Release Schedules of your marked anime.

Clicking any countdown will jump you to the corresponding Release Schedule.


If you encounter an issue or would like to request the addition of a missing schedule, please contact us.

Pinned Release Schedules

Pinned Release Schedules affect:

  • Countdowns on anime across all of LiveChart.me
  • The Countdown sorting option
  • Which episodes and scheduling notes appear in the Schedule

Pinned Release Schedules do not affect:

  • Which seasons each anime appears in
  • Season or Year filters
  • The premiere date of each anime

With an account, you can choose to pin one Release Schedule per marked anime through the Schedules tab of that anime. Once you've manually pinned a Release Schedule, any changes to the Best Match of that particular anime will not affect you.

If you remove a pin, or the entire Release Schedule is removed from our system, you will be reverted back to the Best Match for that particular anime.

※ Other users cannot see your pins. In user lists, the Countdown sorting method will always use the viewer's region/pins.

Followed Release Schedules

Followed Release Schedules affect which releases you get notified of.

While pinning is limited to one Release Schedule per anime, you can follow up to 3 Release Schedules per marked anime.

Through the Schedules tab of each anime, you can choose from the following options:

Notifications On

You will receive notifications for this Release Schedule according to your notification settings and mark on the associated anime.

Notifications Off

You will never receive notifications about this Release Schedule.

No Preference

Based on factors such as relevance to your region, language preferences, and the discretion of the LiveChart.me team, we decide if you should receive Episode Reminders and Scheduling Notes notifications for this Release Schedule. Your notification settings and mark on the associated anime still apply to these notifications.

Best Match Release Schedules

When viewing a list of Release Schedules, one schedule will be labeled Best Match. This schedule has been picked for you based on factors such as your region and your language preferences. When you haven't pinned any schedule to an anime, the Best Match will be your default pin.

Best Matches are picked on a per-anime basis and may change without notice for any of the following reasons:

  • A schedule more relevant to you becomes available
  • At the discretion of the LiveChart.me team
  • The LiveChart.me team modifies the schedule and it is deemed less relevant to you
  • Your audio/subtitle preference changes
  • Your preferred language(s) change
  • You visit LiveChart.me from an IP Address mapped to a different region (e.g. while traveling or using a VPN)
  • A change in the geolocation mapping of your IP Address

If you're getting best matches that do not accurately reflect your region, the LiveChart.me team can assist by adding a region override to your account. Please contact us to request an override.


All Release Schedule information is managed independently by the LiveChart.me Team.

You may request the addition of specific schedules, however, it's not possible for us to include every Release Schedule due to limitations on the necessary information and practical limits to what our small team can do.

Actual release dates and times may vary due to circumstances such last-second delays or gaps in official information.