Lupin III: Otakara Henkyaku Daisakusen!!
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Original title
ルパン三世: お宝返却大作戦!!

Lupin III: Otakara Henkyaku Daisakusen!!
Lupin the 3rd - Operation: Return the Treasure

TV Special
run time
1 hr 30 min

Master criminal Lupin the 3rd is at it again! An elusive meteoric gemstone called the “Trick Diamond” was once hidden inside Spain’s Sagrada Familia cathedral. In pursuit of the diamond, Lupin receives a message from his recently-deceased rival thief, Mark Williams. Mark’s challenge: return the treasures!

Five treasures—all stolen by Mark in his heyday—must be returned to their original homes within seven days, or Lupin will never find the diamond’s hiding place. And Lupin is never one to waste a diamond! But scoring the Trick Diamond only gets trickier as Mark’s lovely assistant Fujiko is keeping more than one closely-guarded secret, and Mafia boss Ivan “Rats” Crockovich is trying to both obliterate the Lupin Gang and swipe the diamond for himself! It’s a race of restoration and complication in Operation: Return the Treasure!!

[Source: Discotek Media]

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