ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape
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エスタブライフ グレイトエスケープ
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ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape

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“Is your life hard? Just run away.”

In the far future, humans have added therianthropes, cyborgs, magi, and other diverse forms to its existing range of appearances. The districts of Tokyo have become “clusters,” numerous zones controlled by AI and surrounded by high walls. Free passage between clusters has been cut off, and each one has developed its own unique culture and outlook. People live happily according to the sensibilities of the clusters in which they were born.

But not everyone is able to adapt to life in their own cluster, and there are people who make their living helping them “escape” to other clusters. Those who take requests from people who want to run away and use every means at their disposal to outsmart the AI and make forbidden migration between clusters possible are called “extractors.”

Run, run, run away! This is the story of five extractors who lend a helping hand to anyone who wants to escape!

[Source: FujiTV]

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