Ryuusatsu no Kyoukotsu
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Ryuusatsu no Kyoukotsu
Dragon killing mad bone

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Sakaki Genbei, a female warrior carrying the corpse of a dragon that has been exterminated under strong sunlight. The destination is Meifu Castle, where Taiko, the absolute ruler of the world, lives. The story of the dragon extermination told from the mouth of Sakaki who was allowed to have an audience with Taiko with the dragon's eyeball as a souvenir. Taiko finds out that the story is all a lie. Taiko had previously heard the prophecy that somebody would aim for his own life. The name of the thug is mad bone. Taiko glares that Sakaki must be a crazy bone. Sakaki surrounded by guards. Can Sakaki overcome this crisis? What is the true identity of the mad bones that aim for the life of Taiko?

[Source: animenotane]

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