Hiiro no Kakera
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Hiiro no Kakera
Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga

Visual Novel
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Every girl dreams of being an enchanted princess, but how many stop to think about all the grim and horrible things that happen in fairy tales? That's a lesson Tamaki learns all too graphically when she's attacked by creatures she thought only existed in myths! Fortunately, she's rescued by an extraordinary young man: one who's not only part demon; but her future classmate as well, and one of the group of protectors that Tamaki will need if she's going to fulfill her destiny as a Tamayori princess. A destiny that no one's bothered to tell her she's inherited until just now! And if it wasn't bad enough to learn that every plan she'd had for the future has to change, to top it all off, Tamaki still has to start attending a new high school as well!

[Source: Sentai Filmworks]

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