Gatchaman Crowds insight #0: inbound
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GATCHAMAN CROWDS insight(インサイト) #0「inbound」
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Gatchaman Crowds insight #0: inbound

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The official website for the series revealed that Hulu will exclusively stream an "#0 inbound" episode on June 20.

Summer of 2015. The incident that occurred in Tachikawa, Tokyo called the "Tachikawa Incident."

It's been one year since then... CROWDS- the system that turns the mentality of humans into physical form that Berg Katze gave to Rui Ninomiya after extracting his NOTE- has spread among the public as a thing that anyone can use. The man who approved and pushed along this plan was none other than Prime Minister Seitaro Sugayama.

However, people who do not think well of CROWDS are now living with anxiety and dissatisfaction. Among this unease, one day, a mysterious organization attacks Sugayama as he was riding in a ministry vessel.

The next battle for the warriors with wings begins anew.

[Source: Anime News Network]

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