Jakusansei Million Arthur
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Jakusansei Million Arthur

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Square Enix launched the original Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur game on iOS and Android devices in 2012. The card battle role-playing game centers on the true King Arthur who pulls a sword from a stone — except there are a million people who claim the title, each with an Excalibur sword.

The second live-streamed Majo Labo! program for the Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur game announced on Thursday that the Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur manga is being adapted into a web anime. Ai Mai Mi manga creator Choboraunyopomi draws Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, the official four-panel comedy manga of Square Enix's Million Arthur smartphone role-playing games. According to Square Enix producer Hiroaki Iwano, the anime will run for four cours (quarters of a year), starting this fall.

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