Charlotte: Tsuyoimono-tachi
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Charlotte(シャーロット)特別篇 強い者たち
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Charlotte: Tsuyoimono-tachi

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Extra episode set between episodes 4 and 5. The student council discovers Iori Sekiguchi, a girl with mind reading, which causes the thoughts of people around her to be projected to others. Realizing that Iori feels burdened over causing those around her to fight, Yuu and Nao, despite having their thoughts constantly being read aloud to each other, treat Iori to a pleasant day at an amusement park to prove they can get along with each other. Iori loses confidence after her power causes a couple to argue, but Nao remains determined to stay by her side and learns what might have triggered Iori's ability. She and Yuu visit Iori's friend, Honoka, who informs them of Iori's incurable disease, which will eventually take away Iori's ability to move. Honoka's selfish desire to isolate herself from her best friend's suffering agitates Nao, who lashes out at Honoka. Afterward, Honoka makes up with Iori, who resolves to do her best to survive her disease.

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