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Eikoku Ikke, Shougatsu wo Taberu
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Original title
英国一家、日本を食べる 『英国一家、正月を食べる』
January 1, 2016
Release (convert)
Friday at 10:15 PM JST
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Eikoku Ikke, Shougatsu wo Taberu (English Family, Eats New Year's)

run time
49 min

The episode is set after Michael and his family return to Britain. When he sees pictures of Japan's New Year's food, he wants to visit Japan again. His friend Toshi gives him a call and tells him to "Learn about rice first before learning about New Year's food!" Michael heads to Koriyama, Fukushima in its rice harvesting season to learn about rice. Although it seems to have nothing to do with New Year's delicacy at first, Michael learns about rice cakes, osechi (traditional food served at New Year's), and toso (a spiced sake served at New Year's).

[Source: Anime News Network]

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