Monster Sonic! Darutanyan no Idol Sengen
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モンソニ! ダルタニャンのアイドル宣言
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Monster Sonic! Darutanyan no Idol Sengen
Monster Sonic! D'Artagnan's Idol Declaration

Web Short
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D'Artagnyan goes to Tokyo, where she sees an unforgettable sight: Lucy, shining brightly, singing alone in a park.

From that day forward, D'Artagnyan is in a constant state of excitement, even in her sleep. Seeing D'Artagnyan like that, her friend Izumo invites her to a pop idol concert featuring the Angelic Divas. That event would mark the beginning of something big for D'Artagnyan.

"And before long, I was crazy about her!"

D'Artagnyan discovers she wants to sing in the light just like her idol Lucy. With that dream in her heart, D'Artagnyan sets out to become a pop idol.

Her story of song and friendship begins now!

[Source: Crunchyroll]

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