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Ouran Koukou Host Club
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Original title
April 5, 2006
Release (convert)
Wednesdays at 12:50 AM JST
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Ouran Koukou Host Club (Ouran High School Host Club)

run time
23 min

Ouran High School is a school for the extremely wealthy or talented. Haruhi just happens to be more talented than wealthy. Since she had a hair mishap the week before school started and could not afford the school uniform, she was mistaken for a boy.

Wandering into the Third Music Room looking for a quiet place to study, she encounters the school's Host Club — a group of attractive young men who give their time and affections to females, for a fee. After she breaks an ¥8,000,000 vase belonging to the host club, the leader demands that she work off the money by becoming a host. And when they find out Haruhi is not actually a boy, humour ensues.

[Source: AniDB]

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