Witch Craft Works: Ta hana miya-kun to imouto no warudakumi
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Witch Craft Works: Ta hana miya-kun to imouto no warudakumi
Witch Craft Works: Takamiya-kun and His Sister's Conspiracy

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After the events of the previous episode, Kasumi meets with a drunken Tanpopo in a nearby bar and proposes an alliance to defeat Ayaka for supposedly stealing Honoka from her. After collecting some Tower Witches who were defeated by Ayaka in the past, Kasumi and Tanpopo's new gang confront Ayaka in her room, only to be swiftly beaten by her strength alone. The next day, Kasumi watches an anime DVD with her friend Tanuma, but the more risque scenes from the show conflict with her ideas of what a romantic relationship with her brother would mean.

Suddenly, Rinon appears and carries both Kasumi and Tanpopo to a site where a giant penguin is wreaking havoc on the town. Rinon tells Kasumi to fight the penguin with her own giant teddy bear, and soon Kasumi and Tanpopo find themselves in a tag-team match against the giant penguin and one of Weekend's followers, all using enlarged familiars. Finally, Kasumi ends the fight by growing her teddy bear so large its head reaches the stratosphere, then smashes the penguin. After finding that the giant penguin was somehow spawned from a penguin idol her brother carved, she hides the evidence in her teddy bear and heads home.

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