One Piece Movie 7: Karakuri-jou no Mecha Kyohei
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Original title
ワンピース THE MOVIE カラクリ城のメカ巨兵
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One Piece Movie 7: Karakuri-jou no Mecha Kyohei
One Piece Movie 7: Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

run time
1 hr 35 min

The Straw Hat crew salvages a treasure chest from a sinking wreck, inside which they find an old lady. To get the pirates to take her home, she promises them the treasure of a golden crown on her island: Mecha Island. Upon arrival, the crew is attacked by the lord of the island but he has a change of heart and decides to seek their help to solve the mystery of the Golden Crown.

[Source: Anime News Network; emended]

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