Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai
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Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai
Garakowa -Restore the World-

Run time
1h 7m

Brilliant rays of colorful light float in a space devoid of gravity – “The Box of Wisdom.” A space inhabited by multiple worlds, countless timelines and a diversity of people, where Dual and Dorothy battle the enemy – viruses encroaching on the world. A world infected by a virus must be deleted.

This is Dual and Dorothy’s responsibility and job. One day, Dual and Dorothy discover a new virus attacking a girl.They save the girl and quietly wait for her to awaken.Who is she? Where did she come from? Where will she go? The girl finally awakens. She calls herself “Remo” and has only one thing to say: “I have to return to the flower garden…”

[Source: Crunchyroll]

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