Precure Miracle Universe Movie
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映画 プリキュアミラクルユニバース
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Precure Miracle Universe Movie

run time
1 hr 10 min

So many mysteries☆

The grand adventure to the world of glittering stars!!

I'm Hoshina Hikaru! One day, when I was looking at the stars, space just warped before my eyes!? Glitterific~☆ Are we really going to the planet that made the Miracle Lights? Wait, what? Huh~!? Suddenly the lights just went out and the stars are being swallowed up by darkness!? If this continues, the world as we know it will become pitch black...that's a huge pinch right there!! But, I definitely won't give up on bringing back the universe's light! So come on everyone, give us your support!

[Source: CureHibiki @ Pretty Cure Wiki]

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