Bokutachi no Remake
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Bokutachi no Remake
Remake Our Life!

Light Novel
Run time
24 min

※ NOTE: Double-length first episode

Kyouya Hashiba is a video game director. However, his company goes bankrupt and his project gets shelved, so he goes back to his family home. As he falls asleep wondering what it might have been like if he chose a different path, he somehow wakes up 10 years ago, when he was just about to enter college. This time he chooses the path he didn't originally choose and gets to experience the art college life he dreamed of. He even ends up living in a house with another guy and two girls, his life couldn't be rosier. He swears to himself that he's now going to rebuild his life. His brand-new life with eccentric classmates is about to begin.

[Source: Crunchyroll; emended]

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