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アクセル・ワールド EX
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Accel World EX

Light Novel
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Reverberation — At Umesato Junior High Kuroyuki calls for a student council meeting, due to certain incidents happening on the school network: Students are being trapped in the network after school and their avatar's clothes and items are stripped. Apparently these are the acts of a skilled hacker. Now it is up to Kuroyuki, Chiyuri, Haruyuki and Takumu to set a trap and catch the culprit.

Vacation — Haruyuki's eating habits are getting the better of him. He desperately needs to shape up in two weeks, to avoid the school's mandatory health-improvement program. Failing to do so would mean he could no longer participate in the territory battles. Thus Chiyuri decides to enforce Haruyuki's brutal fitness regime... since that fails, a visit to a hot springs to improve physical constitution with mixed-gender bath is Haruyuki's last hope.

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