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Versailles no Bara

  1. Drama
  2. Historical
  3. Military
  4. Romance
  5. Shoujo
Versailles no Bara
Oct 10, 1979 at 7:00pm JST

Raised from birth as a man, the Lady Oscar commands the palace guards at Versailles in the years before the French Revolution. Her beauty and noble spirit make her a shining figure in the eyes of both men and women but she is torn between her chosen life of service and duty to class and country and her own heart and desires. She lives as a noble amidst the opulence of Versailles but her keen senses and compassion are not blinded to the poverty of the French people.

[Source: Anime News Network]

Manga Sarutobi Sasuke

  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
  3. Historical
  4. Supernatural
Manga Sarutobi Sasuke
  • Studio TBA
October 9, 1979 JST

Sasuke is the story of a ninja child that starts right after the battle of Sekigahara where Tokugawa Ieyasu becomes shogun of Japan. Sarutobi Sasuke (Jump Like Monkey Sasuke) was a famous ninja in the employ of Sanada Daisuke who fought for the losing side against Ieyasu. He was believed to have committed suicide when he was trapped in a castle, but the story takes off that he really escaped and that Sarutobi is not a name of a ninja but a whole ninja clan. (from AniDB)


  1. Action
  2. Sci-Fi
  3. Space
  4. Superpower

All over the earth strange glowing objects in the form of letters in an unknown language appear in the skies. In order to investigate these strange phenomena, the Earth Defense Forces form the Science Guard Agency led by Captain Akiyama. Akiyama immediately forms a top rated team of scientific experts. Choichiro Hikari from the Earth Defense Forces space station is chosen to join the Science Guard Agency and begins making his way back to Earth. But as he is traveling through space, Hikari meets Ultraman Joneus. Ultraman Joneus tells Hikari that the Earth is in great danger. In order to defend the Earth, Ultraman Joneus says he must become one with an Earth man. Hikari agrees and he and Ultraman Joneus join forces. Normally, Hikari will be an ordinary human being. But when danger strikes, he will be able to transform into the gigantic 40-meter-tall superhero Ultraman Joneus.

[Source: Mill Creek Entertainment]