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October 1989–December 1989

Fall 1989 Anime

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Isewan Taifuu Monogatari

  1. Drama
  2. Historical
Isewan Taifuu Monogatari
  • Studio TBD
November 4, 1989 JST

※ Theatrical Premiere

On September 26, 1959, Super Typhoon #15 (also known as "T5915", "Vera", or "Isewan Typhoon"), struck the coast of Japan with the maximum wind speed of 305 km/h, causing over 5,000 dead or missing plus over 30,000 injured, the heaviest casualty caused by a single typhoon in Japan in 20th century. This animated movie was produced on the 30th anniversary of the tragedy in order to commemorate the dead and survivors.

[Source: AniDB]