Kirakira☆Precure a la Mode
  1. Fantasy
  2. Gourmet
  3. Mahou Shoujo
  4. Slice of Life
  1. Toei Animation
Feb 4, 2017 at 6:30pm EST

The story of Cure Whip and the guardians of sweets begins!

I'm Usami Ichika, a second-year in middle school who loves, loves, LOVES sweets! When I heard that my mother was coming back from her job overseas, I decided to challenge myself by making a shortcake just for her!

Just then...

"I'm pekopeko hungry, peko!"

...a fairy named Pekorin crashed in from the sky! It scared the heck out of me, but that was just the beginning! Cream explosions, cake thieves... all kinds of strange things started happening in our town! And as it turned out, there was a weird monster behind it! He'd been stealing the kirakiral energy that lives in sweets, turning all the sweets black!!

I couldn't let the same thing happen to my shortcake. It's an expression of love for my mother, so it's really important to me! But just as I put the finishing touches on my Usami Ichika special bunny shortcake... I turned into the legendary patissier, Precure!

Now, as Cure Whip, I'll protect the sweets that people use to express their feelings to each other!

[Source: Crunchyroll]