Majuu Sensen
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  1. animate Film
September 30, 1990 EDT

13 scientists seek to tap genetic powers by creating a hybrid of man and beast. Years later, 13 of their children are embroiled in a battle to undo their handiwork, while Shinichi, the son of one of the scientists, teams up with Christian super-beings to save the world.

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  1. Magic Bus
Feb 23, 2003 at 3:30am EST

In post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Shinichi is on a mission of vengeance against his mad scientist father, Dr. Kuruma, who is responsible for the deaths of his own wife and Shinichi’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Kuruma is busy creating genetically altered New Humans, people with the forms and abilities of beasts, all the better to survive in this harsh new world and re-populate it once God is reawakened. But his own son may be his greatest creation.

Cruel but brilliant experimentation has left Shinichi was merged with his unusual childhood pets, a lion, bear, and eagle. He can use their abilities, as well as physically manifest their body parts, a skill set that comes in handy when facing off against fellow New Human hybrids like dinosaur people, a psychokinetic dictator, and multiple clones of God. But perhaps the most dangerous New Human of all is Shinichi himself, for if he gives in to his demonic beast impulses, he just may trigger Armageddon...

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