Blood Lad
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Blood Lad
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Jul 7, 2013 at 11:30am EDT

The Demon World: a place where it's good to be bad.

Werewolves, zombies, and even the Abominable Snowman fight day and night for the title of Territory Boss. The vampire Staz, however, finds the whole thing to be a serious pain. He spends his time watching anime, playing video games, and daydreaming about going to the Human World. That all changes when he meets Fuyumi, a human girl who instantly wins Staz's heart, and who then loses her life to a man-eating plant. Refusing to give up on the girl of his dreams, Staz travels across the Demon and Human Worlds in search of a way to bring Fuyumi back to life by any bloody means necessary.

[Source: VIZ]

  1. Comedy
  2. Delinquents
  3. Mythology
  4. Supernatural
  5. Vampire
Blood Lad: Wagahai wa Neko de wa Nai
  1. Brain's Base
November 30, 2013 EST

As Staz and Fuyumi are in their journey, Fuyumi has to consume Staz's blood once again to avoid disappearing and starts becoming addict to it. Meanwhile, a vampire hunter group targets Staz. While the vampire initially fights against them equally, he is weakened by a weapon made of silver and Fuyumi is kidnapped. Regardless of his weakened state, Staz heads to their headquarters where they attempt to kill him. Staz consumes their magic, leaving the leader to give up and let Staz and Fuyumi use his blimp.

[Source: Wikipedia]