Sumikko Gurashi
  1. Comedy
Sumikko Gurashi: Tobidasu Ehon to Himitsu no Ko
November 7, 2019 EST

Sumikko and friends discover a pop-out picture book in the basement of Cafe Sumikko, their favorite coffeeshop. As they look at the book, the pop-ups suddenly start moving and Sumikko and friends get sucked into the book.

[Source: JFF Plus]

  1. Comedy
Sumikko Gurashi Movie 2: Aoi Tsukiyo no Maho no Ko
November 4, 2021 EDT

One autumn day, the Sumikkogurashi go out to camp. They look up at the sky and see a big blue moon shining as bright as ever. According to a legend, "On the night of the big blue full moon that appears once in five years, the wizards will come to town and make one's wishes come true." Then surprisingly enough, five sibling wizards fly into Sumikkogurashi's town!

The park, the supermarket, the forest… the wizards put a spell on all these places and turn the town into glittery party venues. Before long, the fun night comes to an end and the wizards return to the moon. But how can it be? Tapioca is among them. Has Tapioca been mistaken for the wizard Five and gone with them?

[Source: Encore Films]