Totsukuni no Shoujo
  1. Supernatural
Totsukuni no Shoujo
September 9, 2019 EDT

※ NOTE: Short OVA bundled with a limited edition of the manga's eighth compiled book volume

Touch not the Outsiders, lest ye become an Outsider. But when two creatures belonging to opposite kinds -a lost little girl from the Inside and a demonic beast-looking Outsider- initiate an impossible coexistence on the same side of the forest, their bond seems to transcend their incompatible natures and the unnamed curse that has divided the world. Based on Angouleme-nominated, eponymous best-selling graphic novel by manga artist Nagabe.

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  1. Supernatural
Totsukuni no Shoujo (2022)
March 9, 2022 EST

※ NOTE: Split into 3 episodes for streaming

Once upon a time, in a far, faraway place, there were two lands.

The world was divided into an inner land and an outer land.

People feared the outer land, inhabited by eerie beings, the carriers of curse.

One day, on the border to the inner land inhabited by humans, one such being finds a girl on heaps of abandoned dead bodies.

The girl says her name is Shiva and shows affection to the "being" who found her, calling him "Teacher."

This is a story of two people—one human, one inhuman—who linger in the hazy twilight that separates night from day.

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