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Warau Hyouteki

  1. Horror
  2. Mystery
Warau Hyouteki
March 21, 1987 JST

Yuzuru was an average teenager who had almost forgotten that he was betrothed to Azusa when he was only six! Now arriving to claim what she feels is rightfully hers, only Satomi (Yuzuru's current girlfriend) stands in her way... and with the mysterious and frightening powers that Azusa brings, Satomi won't stand in her way for long!

[Source: AniDB]

Maryuu Senki

  1. Fantasy
  2. Horror
Maryuu Senki
  • Studio TBA
March 5, 1987 JST

Once upon a time, there was a certain family having strong influence on the rule of the Imperial Court. They had their own might called "Kidou" and yet got hated because of the might itself. At last, the patriarch of the family was entrapped to his death, and all the family was doomed to ruin... The present day — the survived descendants of this family, now calling themselves "Kidousyuu" schemed to resurrect their murdered patriarch once again, and the ferocious evil spell went into action.

[Source: BakaBT]

Choujuu Kishin Dancougar: God Bless Dancougar

  1. Action
  2. Mecha
  3. Sci-Fi
Choujuu Kishin Dancougar: God Bless Dancougar
April 15, 1987 JST

After destroying the Zorbados Empire, the Jyusenki-tai/Cyber Beast Force has expanded and are training new recruits. But after failing to stop a monster that seems to be a remnant of the Zorbados Empire from destroying a city, the CBF is thrown in jail. Now the CBF have to escape from jail and find out what was behind the monster they fought.

[Source: Anime News Network]