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Zoids Genesis
  1. Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment
Apr 9, 2005 at 7:30pm EDT

Natural disasters have devastated planet Zi, killing off almost all life. A thousand years later humans have gradually re-established civilization, salvaging ancient Zoids through diving and mining efforts. In a village whose most previous item is a giant sword which they worship as a holy symbol. A teenage boy discovers an ancient Liger-type Zoid while on a deep water salvage operation. Suddenly the village is attacked by skeletal Bio-Zoids intent on stealing a powerful generator located in the village. Our teenage hero awakens the Liger and discovers that the town's sacred sword is the Liger's weapon, together they fight off the mysterious Bio-Zoids. At least for now...

[Source: AniDB]

  1. Comedy
  2. Workplace
Line Offline: Salaryman
  1. Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment
Jan 7, 2013 at 11:30am EST

The anime shorts are set in the fictional Line Corporation with a motley crew of idiosyncratic workers. There is the narcissistic section head and president's son James, the subsection head Moon (who is always gone somewhere but somehow gets his work done), the quiet but kindhearted subsection head Brown, and the subordinate Connie who is in an endless loop of yo-yo diets and weight gains.

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  1. Comedy
  2. Fantasy
Happy Kappy
  1. Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment
April 5, 2011 EDT

The story revolves around Kinoshita Suguri, a nine-year-old third-grade girl who loves animals and making fashion accessories. One day, while Suguri is out buying materials for accessories, she comes across an unusual rock. Thinking it would look cute on a bracelet, she goes to pick up the rock and discovers a creature named Kappy. Kappy happens to be the three-year-old prince of Kapimeshia.

[Source: Anime News Network]