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Captain Tsubasa
  1. Tsuchida Productions
October 12, 1983 EDT

Captain Tsubasa is the passionate story of an elementary school student whose thoughts and dreams revolve almost entirely around the love of soccer. 11-year-old Tsubasa Oozora started playing soccer at a very young age, and while it was mostly just a recreational sport for his friends, for him, it developed into something of an obsession.

In order to pursue his dream to the best of his elementary school abilities, Tsubasa moves with his mother to Nankatsu city, which is well-known for its excellent elementary school soccer teams. But although he was easily the best in his old town, Nankatsu has a lot more competition, and he will need all of his skill and talent in order to stand out from this new crowd.

He encounters not only rivals, but also new friends like the pretty girl Sanae Nakazawa and the talented goalkeeper, Genzo Wakabayashi, who shares the same passion as Tsubasa, and will prove to be a treasured friend in helping him push towards his dreams. Representing Japan in the FIFA World Cup is Tsubasa’s ultimate dream, but it will take a lot more than talent to reach it.

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  1. Tsuchida Productions
April 5, 1984 EST

TV anime adaptation of Masatoshi Uchizaki's gag comedy manga "Ranpou".

Mild-mannered Japanese kid Rampou is kidnapped by aliens whose UFO-based experiments turn him into a warp boy who truly believes that he can do anything.

[Source: The Anime Encyclopedia]

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Sasuga no Sarutobi
  1. Tsuchida Productions
Oct 17, 1982 at 6:00am EDT

Nikumaru, meaning "meatball" in Japanese, is a seventeen-year-old student at Ninja High School, a special school for the training of ninja. He is short and chubby, but he possesses a super technique known as the "kamikaze", where he stirs up a whirlwind with his feet. The series introduces his many adventures and pranks as Nikumaru meets with his rivals both in and out of school.

[Source: AnimeNfo]