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Founded in 2016
Native Name
February 2016
  1. Avant-garde
  2. Horror
  1. Drive
  2. Akatsuki
Airdate TBA

※ NOTE: Premieres on Toonami in the United States before Japan

The story follows the inhabitants of a town where strange occurrences related to a spiral shape began occurring one after another.

[Source: Anime News Network]

  1. Horror
C Danchi
  1. Akatsuki
Oct 2, 2022 at 12:00am EDT

Kimi lives in a small, low-cost housing complex located in the seaside town of Kurosaki where trouble seems to follow her everywhere she goes, and horrific incidents begin to occur. Is an ancient evil stalking the residents of Housing Complex C?

[Source: Variety; emended]

  1. CGDCT
  2. Music
  1. Akatsuki
Jan 4, 2022 at 11:00am EST

Maigahara Music College Affiliate School Maigahara Senior High (abbreviated as MaiMai). At this academy that gathers the most promising musical talents, there's a rumor circulating among students. "If you give an amazing performance at the school festival, you get special extra credit (or so they say)." Serina's grades are not very good, so she immediately believes the rumor and decides to form a band!

Rehearsals, sleepovers... even cosplay? Everything they can imagine will become part of their colorful daily life. But will they really be able to give an amazing performance and get the rumored credit!? The curtain rises on the story of the daily, funny lives of these girls!

[Source: Anime News Network]