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  1. Action
  2. Mecha
  3. Mystery
  4. Psychological
  5. Sci-Fi
  6. Suspense
  1. Studio M2
Oct 26, 2023 at 3:00am EDT

In an ideal world where man and robots coexist, someone or something has destroyed the powerful Swiss robot Mont Blanc. Elsewhere a key figure in a robot rights group is murdered. The two incidents appear to be unrelated...except for one very conspicuous clue - the bodies of both victims have been fashioned into some sort of bizarre collage complete with makeshift horns placed by the victims' heads. Interpol assigns robot detective Gesicht to this most strange and complex case - and he eventually discovers that he too, as one of the seven great robots of the world, is one of the targets.

[Source: VIZ]

  1. Adult Cast
  2. Historical
  1. Studio M2
Jan 9, 2017 at 12:05pm EST

It’s the latter half of the Edo period when cruel thieves feared Heizo Hasegawa, known as “Heizo the Oni". He is the head of Arson Theft Control.He never tolerates injustice and punishes criminals who violate the three articles of a thief.Surrounded by quirky characters, Heizo rids the injustice that infests the city of Edo.

[Source: Crunchyroll]

  1. Historical
ONIHEI: Sono Otoko, Hasegawa Heizou
  1. Studio M2
February 21, 2017 EST

OVA setting up the character of Heizou, the man feared by thieves and miscreants as the "Demonic Heizou" during the Edo Period. A young man traces the stories about Heizou from Kumehachi, Hikojuu, Omasa, and others who know and admire him. The young man learns about Heizou's early years and how he became a police operative.

[Source: Anime News Network]

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  1. Studio M2
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  1. Fantasy
  1. N LITE
  2. Studio M2
Airdate TBA

The story follows a 12-year-old Congolese girl who is taken to the mfinda, a primordial forest teeming with spirits, gods and ancestors. There she meets up with another young girl from a different time and together they set out to find the magical Nkisi, vessels that hold ancestral spirits as well as empowering materials or medicines, that will help her find her way home.

[Source: Variet]

  1. Historical
Yamanaka Sadao ni Sasageru Manga Eiga "Nezumikozou Jirokichi"
  1. Studio M2
  2. Miyu Productions
Mar 19, 2023 at 11:00pm EDT

When Edo is shrouded in darkness at night, a man appears rustling in the attic. He is Nezumi Kozō Jirokichi, a chivalrous thief who takes wealth from a wealthy man and gives it to the poor.

The characters that add colour to the human drama that unfolds in the streets of Edo are Suzu, a merchant who has lost her husband and lives a hard life with her small child; Bonji=Yasugoro and Chogoro, who try to use Suzu to expose Nezumi Kozou’s true identity; and the two other characters, Kan’emon, an experienced detective who hate the sin but love people… this is what Film director Sadao Yamanaka dreams up.

[Source: Niigata International Animation Film Festival]