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Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
Jan 11, 2022 at 8:30am EST

It ain't easy being a genius...

Prince Wein is ready to commit treason. And who can blame him? Faced with the impossible task of ruling his pathetic little kingdom, this poor guy just can't catch a break! But with his brilliant idea of auctioning off his country, this lazy prince should be able to retire once and for all. Or that was the plan...until his treasonous schemes lead to disastrous consequences-namely, accidental victories and the favor of his people!

[Source: Yen Press]

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Hametsu no Oukoku
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
Oct 6, 2023 at 12:53pm EDT

Witches once blessed the human race with wisdom and peace. But the Redia Empire's "Gear Expansion" brought about a culture of science that far surpassed magic, and witches were viewed as enemies impeding the progress of civilization. Thus began the witch hunts. One human named Adonis, who was raised by a witch named Chloe, swears revenge against the human race that took his beloved mentor from him. What salvation can be found at the end of a bloodbath fueled by utter despair?

[Source: Crunchyroll]

  1. Fantasy
  2. Isekai
  3. Reincarnation
Seija Musou: Salaryman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
Jul 6, 2023 at 1:00pm EDT

※ NOTE: Each episode streamed 1 week early on select services

Can a former salaryman become peerless in another world?!

A salaryman was shot to death just before earning a promotion, and a god decided to reincarnate him in another world as a fifteen-year-old healer named Luciel. On top of all that, the country he was born into seems to hate healers. Feeling that he's in danger, Luciel visits the adventurers' guild in hopes of keeping himself safe. But the training is much harder than he expected, and every day he's forced to drink a mysterious beverage called "Substance X." Wait, this life doesn't seem to have anything to do with being a healer...

The day-to-day life of a super-masochistic, back-from-the-dead healer begins, with his very survival on the line!

[Source: Crunchyroll]

  1. Ecchi
  2. School
Miru Tights
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
May 11, 2019 at 9:00am EDT

※ NOTE: Episodes available on YouTube for limited time after premiere

A rainy morning in April. Cherry blossoms are struck by the rain and floats in the puddle. High school students enter the school gate, carrying various colors of umbrellas.

"Good morning, Ren," Yua greeted Ren, wearing wet tights in front of the shoe cupboard. When Ren faced her glumly, Homi, who was drenched, joined them as if she is jumping. The girls discuss the new semester.

The girls live their irreplaceable school life as the seasons change.

[Source: MyAnimeList News]

  1. Adventure
  2. Fantasy
  3. Time Travel
Tsuyokute New Saga
  1. SOTSU
  2. Makaria
  3. Yokohama Animation Lab
Airdate TBA

After a fierce battle, Magic swordsman Kyle finally killed the Demon Lord after being seriously injured in the battle. Kyle on the verge of death approaches a relic which was in possession of the Demon Lord and it sends him to the past. After recovering from the initial shock, he decides to use this opportunity to avoid making the same mistakes of the past and become stronger.

[Source: MU]

  1. Girls' Love
  2. Romance
  3. School
Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
April 2024

Bubbly, energetic first-year high school student Himari falls head over heels for her senpai Yori after hearing her band perform on the first day of school. Himari tells Yori she just loves her, and, to Himari’s surprise, Yori says she loves Himari back! But when Himari realizes that she and her senpai are feeling two different kinds of love, she begins to ask herself what “love” really means…

[Source: Kodansha]

  1. Action
  2. Adult Cast
  3. Adventure
  4. Fantasy
Majo to Yajuu
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
January 2024

It all started with the 17 "Origins," whose powers were passed down to individuals who still exist around the world today.

A man carrying a coffin and a girl with the eyes of a beast appear in a town. The girl was once cursed by a witch and now searches for her in order to undo the curse. Is the witch who appears before them the quarry they've been searching for? And how can the curse be undone?

This quest for revenge against an evil witch begins rolling when the beast captures the witch. This magnificent and intense dark fantasy begins now!

[Source: Crunchyroll]

  1. Idols (Female)
  2. Magic
  3. Music
Lapis Re:LiGHTs
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
Jul 4, 2020 at 9:00am EDT

Tiara has just been accepted to the Flora Girls Academy for young witches. Her lifelong dream of becoming a powerful “light” to cleanse the world of magical beasts is now possible.

But not before she hits the magical music books! Oh, and little did Tiara know that she’s about to take center stage in a classroom full of potential dropouts. Challenge accepted.

[Source: Funimation]

  1. Action
  2. Fantasy
  3. Magic
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
Oct 13, 2020 at 10:00am EDT

In the Wahrheit Empire, humanity’s spirit remains fragmented from a disaster in the past where many lives were lost to bloodthirsty monsters who were once summoned.

But the fate of the capital is about to drastically change when shy transport worker Inumael and naive Empire soldier Leocadio get caught up in a smuggling incident.

[Source: Funimation]

  1. Adventure
  2. Fantasy
Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana -The Teardrop Crystal-
  1. Graphinica
  2. Yokohama Animation Lab
Oct 7, 2022 at 12:25pm EDT

Not far from the town of Domina lives Shiloh, a boy who keeps hearing a voice in his dreams about a mission he must fulfill. But what mission could he be needed for remains unknown. That all changes when he meets two Jumi, a race that’s hunted for their unique gemstones, as a sudden outbreak of attacks against the Jumi occurs. His dream, his quest, becomes clear—help the Jumi and their gemstones!

[Source: Crunchyroll]

  1. Adventure
The Journey
  1. Manga Productions
  2. Toei Animation
  3. Yokohama Animation Lab
  4. Arch
June 16, 2021 EDT

The journey of a group of men who humbly armor up themselves to protect their city which has never been exposed to war, motivating them to cherish everything they love in their city. Aws is a simple potter who lives among his and his wife’s family. This fight will not be his first battle, as he has a secret past that no one knows about. Will the citizens win the battle with nothing but their simple defenses and their love for their city and their people in order to defeat the colossal army?

[Source: Manga Productions]

  1. Action
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  4. Isekai
The New Gate
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab

THE NEW GATE—an online game transformed into a life-and-death struggle for its players. Thanks to the valiant efforts of Shin, the most powerful of them all, an end to the game and freedom for everyone seemed within reach. But just moments after Shin defeats the game’s final boss, he finds himself bathed in an unknown light and transported some 500 years into the future of the in-game world. Thrown from a simple game gone wrong into a strange new land, one young swordsman of unrivalled strength is about to embark on a legendary journey!

[Source: One Peace Books]

  1. Drama
  2. Samurai
  3. Sci-Fi
Yakusoku no Nanaya Matsuri
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
Aug 3, 2018 at 6:00am EDT

"A festival of miracle, where you can meet whoever you want to meet."

Mihara Shoma, a first-year in high school, receives a message from his best friend Atsushi, who he hadn't heard from in ages. "Wanna come to this cool little festival I found? It's been a while, so I'd like to catch up." Unable to sit around after that, Shoma heads to a ghost village in the mountains for the Tanabata Nanayamatsuri. But he doesn't find Atsushi there. Instead, he meets a girl named Shiori, who has someone she wants to meet as well. The master of ceremonies, Kanna, tells Shoma, "I believe you will see Atsushi-sama during the course of the festival." And so, in order to meet him, Shoma prepares for the festival along with Shiori, but they get dragged into a series of bizarre incidents happening around the village.

Will Shoma be able to meet Atsushi once again?

[Source: Crunchyroll]

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Drama
  4. Fantasy
Hanasaki Kuhan no Romantan
  1. Yokohama Animation Lab
September 1, 2018 EDT

※ NOTE: 2D animated special episode aired on the Monster Strike anime channel, promoting the Monster Strike game debut of the Flower 4 series. Despite this, the storyline is standalone and unrelated to previous Monster Strike anime installments.

After an invasion by the Vivolian army, the Sprite Himawari and her childhood friend Tsubaki flee their homeland of Floria for the town of Romton. There, they live out their lives in peace... for a time.

One day, Himawari's friend and fellow Sprite Ajisai is kidnapped by mysterious strangers. Now Himawari and detective Tsubaki set out to rescue her, but find the dreaded Vivolians standing in their way!