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April 1, 2008
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  2. Studio Nanahoshi
March 9, 2018 EST

In the children's room of the Amanogawa household in the neighborhood of Shichifukujin, there are five Engimon: Haruo (a papier-mache dog), Kin-chan (a goldfish paper balloon), Hebikura (a bamboo snake), Chief Daruma (a daruma doll), and Koume (a Kokeshi doll). They are always watching over the siblings of the household, Himi and Yamato. One day, an Engimon from somewhere else appears, and Himi leaves the house to chase it. Haruo and his friends come alive, much to Yamato's surprise, and together they go to rescue Himi.

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Hachimitsu Suicide Machine
  1. Usagi ou
March 25, 2021 EDT

Disturbing news flows from the radio. A hot-selling novelist, mom and twin daughters. A mystery occurs in a family living happily at a hotel in the mountains that I bought. Looking for its true identity ... A heartwarming heart-full family comedy.

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March 30, 2023 EDT

No synopsis has been added to this title.

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Kaiju Step Wandabada
  1. Usagi ou
Sep 27, 2019 at 4:20am EDT

The Kaiju of the ULTRAMAN series, are not just enemies defeated by the heroes. Each has their own special powers, looks, and characteristics which make them all unique. These characters are popular along with the Ultra Heroes.

The main characters of “KAIJU STEP” are the “little Kaiju”. The characters are designed as though the popular Kaiju in the ULTRAMAN series have become little kids. The story is set in the “little planet” where the unique “little Kaiju” try new things, meet new friends and portray each of their little “first steps”.

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