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25-sai no Jyoshikousei
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Jan 7, 2018 at 11:00am EST

25 year old Hana is on a search for a job and gets asked to cover for her cousin in high school. With the same look, nobody should notice; but she didn't know her former classmate Kanie was a teacher in that school. Now that Kanie found Hana's secret, his "special lesson" starts...

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Holy Knight
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March 20, 2012 EDT

Shinta is a student at an elite university in Tokyo. One day he meets Lilith, a beautiful girl from Romania who has just transferred to the school. This encounter changes Shinta's life, as he soon finds out that he is the last in a long line of vampire slayers; and Lilith is, in fact, a vampire--his eternal foe! In order for Lilith to live on, she must conceive a child with the slayer, and then kill them both. Faced with their inevitable destiny, what does the future hold?