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December 25, 2017
  1. Comedy
  2. Love Polygon
  3. School
  4. Yaoi
September 20, 2018 EDT

An all-boys boarding school deep in the mountains where love unfolds. Despite the brimming sexual desire, the overly awkward love story hooks you in!

First-year Toono transfers from Tokyo to the all-boys boarding school deep in the mountains, "Mori Moori Private School." The friendly Yaguchi who calls out to him becomes his only friend, but his dislike of sports makes him join the most laid-back looking photography club instead of Yaguchi's soccer club. However, the photography club is in name only and is actually nicknamed the "Yarichin Bitch Club," filled with colorful seniors. In contrast to the troubled Toono, Kajima, who joined the club at the same time, is completely unphased and even slips a confession to Toono into the confusion. Toono himself thinks Yaguchi is cute, but Yaguchi finds himself blushing around Kajima and stuff happens. Furthermore, complications arise between the seniors…

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  1. Drama
  2. Organized Crime
  3. Yaoi
February 14, 2020 EST

Yakuza bosses are supposed to be tough, ruthless, and treat their men like cogs in a callous criminal machine. When former cop and ex-con Chikara Doumeki accepts his latest bodyguard assignment, however, he realizes that there’s something different about his new boss, Yashiro. Because while Yashiro may seem as emotionally distant as his counterparts, he’s also a closet masochist who enjoys receiving pain as much as his job involves bringing it. Yashiro’s feelings for a least a few of his men also extends far beyond what’s normally extended to other members of the same crime family… a group that now includes Chikara. Of course, Chikara’s got his own issues, and nobody can beat an ex-cop when it comes to putting the lockdown on a relationship. Except, possibly, a true King of Pain in Twittering birds never fly ~ The clouds gather.

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  1. Boys' Love
  2. Drama
  3. Organized Crime
February 28, 2021 EST

In this prequel to Twitter Birds Never Fly, Yashihiro has his eye on Kuga, a street punk known as the Mad Dog for his irascible temper and flights of rage. But despite Yashihiro’s attempts to recruit the delinquent, Kuga refuses to join the yakuza and have his life dictated by others. Things change, however, when he meets Kageyama, the doctor to the yakuza who might just be able to cool Kuga’s fiery temper.

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