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  1. Jumondou
Jan 9, 2024 at 9:30am EST

Yumiella Dolkness is your run-of-the-mill villainess in an otome RPG—except for the fact that she’s also secretly the overpowered hidden boss. But Yumiella wasn’t always Yumiella, you see. In her past life, she was nothing more than an introverted college student and devout gamer. So when she realizes that she’s been reincarnated as a hidden boss, she’s determined to steer clear of the protagonists and avoid her demise at their hands. All she wants is a nice, quiet life. Too bad when her gamer instincts kick in, Yumiella can’t just ignore her awesome stats... A girl’s gotta grind!

So, with plenty of time on her hands before starting life at the academy, she gets a little carried away and maxes out her level at 99. And when everyone else finds out, they get the wrong idea about her power—now they think she’s the Demon Lord! Is this OP villainess strong enough to win back the peaceful life she always wanted?!

[Source: J-Novel Club]

  1. Adventure
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  1. Jumondou
Apr 10, 2022 at 8:00am EDT

In a world packed with adventurers fighting with demons—Alvin, a warrior whose wits are sharper than his sword, finds himself needing the help of Carla, a dark elf and healer with maxed-out taunts. Little did he know that this seemingly simple act would result in his most pain-in-the-butt encounter ever. Don’t miss this fantasy and adventure comedy!

[Source: Crunchyroll]