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Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami
  1. Milky Cartoon
  2. LMD
October 3, 2011 EDT

Based on the online mobile phone otome game "Sengoku☆Paradise".

The first 3 minutes of the 10 minute spot for Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami is the anime. The rest of the 7 minutes is of Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami cast members Daisuke Namikawa and others (first time with Tetsuya Kakihara, second time with Rei Mochizuki) going on missions, plus an informative short.

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Gregory Horror Show
  1. Milky Cartoon
September 1999

The first series is a set of 25 stories about a male businessman arriving at the hotel after taking a train home from work. He encounters the mysterious owner of the hotel, an old mouse known as Gregory, who suggests that he stay a while. Soon, the man becomes drawn into a bizarre series of events taking place within Gregory House as he tries desperately to escape from this bizarre purgatory.

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