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Slayers Premium

  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
  3. Fantasy
  4. Magic
December 21, 2001 EST

Lina and Gourry travel to a seaside town named Acassi, where octopus tentacle is a delicacy. However, the octopus meat carries a curse that dooms the eater to only speak Takogo (octopus language). Amelia, Zelgadiss, and Xelloss all show up, and the main four characters (Lina, Gourry, Ameria, Zelgadiss) get cursed. The octopi enlist the power of a mazoku to get rid of the humans once and for all. The white sorceress Ruma must learn the cure to the curse from her long-lost master in order to save the town.

[Source: Anime News Network]

Di Gi Charat: Hoshi no Tabi

  1. Comedy
December 21, 2001 EST

Dejiko decided to take a vacation and visit her home, Planet Di Gi Charat, together with Puchiko, Gema, and (accidentally) Rabi~en~Rose. However, Piyoko and her aids would not let go this chance to capture her.

[Source: Anime News Network]

Scrap Diary

  1. Avant-garde
Scrap Diary
  • Studio TBA

※ NOTE: Theatrical Premiere

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