Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry
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劇場版フェアリーテイル –DRAGON CRY–
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Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Run time
1h 24m

The Dragon Cry is a magic artifact, enshrined within a temple in the Kingdom of Fiore. The artifact, that has enough power to destroy the world, was stolen by traitor of the kingdom, Zash, and delivered to the king of Kingdom of Stella, Animus. The request of recapturing Dragon Cry was accepted by the Mages from Fairy Tail: Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla; whilst in the midst of chasing Zash, they infiltrate the Kingdom of Stella. During their mission, they meet Animus' aid, Sonya...

[Source: Fairy Tail Wikia]

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