Kuroko no Basket: Last Game
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劇場版 黒子のバスケ LAST GAME
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Kuroko no Basket: Last Game
Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game

Run time
1h 30m

A sequel to the television anime series, taking place after Kuroko and Kagami become second-year students. An American street basketball team called Jabberwock comes to Japan and plays a friendly match with a Japanese team, but after the Japanese team suffers a crushing defeat, the team members of Jabberwock start mocking Japanese basketball. Their comments enrage Riko's father, and so he gathers a team made up of the five members of the Generation of Miracles plus Kuroko and Kagami, called Vorpal Swords, to have a revenge match against Jabberwock.

[Source: Anime News Network]

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