Starmyu 3rd Season
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スタミュ 第3期
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Starmyu 3rd Season

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"I don't know how to give up on a dream..."

In pursuit of a high school student he admired, Yuta Hoshitani enrolled in the musical department of the prestigious music school Ayanagi Academy. He successfully completed the year-long enrollment test and, in his second year, finally became a student of the musical department... but a new trial awaited him right from the start of the new year!

First on the curriculum for second-year students is to act as support in the commemorative graduation performance put on by Otori and the other graduates. The traditional program, "Shadow & Lights," includes five roles created specifically for training second-years, so each year a team of five second-years has a chance to participate. It's a very coveted role among students of the musical department, as well as a chance to perform alongside the former leaders they admire.

Hoshitani and the rest of the 25 new students in the musical department are about to enter the audition for these second-year training roles, with their ticket to glory on the line!

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