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Ooyukiumi no Kaina: Hoshi no Kenja

  1. Adventure
  2. Fantasy
  3. Sci-Fi
March 5, 2024 EST

※ NOTE: BD & DVD Release

Humanity’s remnants struggle to survive above the planet atop giant orbital spire trees, safe from the danger below. Rendered unlivable, the Great Snow Sea has turned the world into a no man’s land.

In the midst of this apocalypse, Kaina, a boy with the rare ability to read, meets Ririha, a princess from the Snow Sea. During their trip to find the “Great Orbital Spire Tree,” the source of drinkable water, they encounter an autocratic nation, Planato, led by a dictator, Byozan. Byozan controls a weapon called the “Builders” at his convenience and plans to destroy the Great Orbital Spire Tree for what he claims is the sake of mankind. Kaina and Ririha must decipher the lost “written words” together to solve the mysteries of their dying world.

Kaina and Ririha’s journey to change a world heading for destruction begins!

[Source: FujiTV via Anime Expo]

Hokkyoku Hyakkaten no Concierge-san

  1. Anthropomorphic
  2. Fantasy
  3. Slice of Life
  4. Workplace
April 23, 2024 EDT

※ NOTE: BD & DVD Release

Akino is a trainee concierge at the Hokkyoku Department Store, an unusual department store that caters exclusively to animals. Under the watchful eyes of the floor manager and senior concierges, Akino runs around to fulfill the wishes of customers with a myriad of needs and problems in her pursuit to become a full-fledged concierge.

[Source: Crunchyroll]


  1. Adventure
  2. Mystery
April 11, 2024 EDT

※ NOTE: Theatrical Premiere

Our story is set beneath the surface of the great metropolis, below the district of Ogi-town in a realm of dreams that floats in a haze of purple lignite smoke.

A network of roads stretches away underground, concealing bandits at every turn! An armored train snakes through the looming darkness: the steel-clad train Sokore 463 is equipped with a 75mm mountain gun that can blow a target to smithereens! In command is the mysterious girl Tanne.

What awaits her and her comrades? From the winding alleys of Akegata (dawn) to the deep subterranean world of Kuragari (dark), a daring adventure unfolds!

[Source: Twiflo]


  1. Tags TBD
April 11, 2024 EDT

※ NOTE: Theatrical Premiere

This is a story that weaves together people and a town. A coal mining town crowded with small-scale excavators, commonly known as the "Hakoniwa." In this town that changes daily like a labyrinth, there's a girl named Kagari who runs a mapmaking business and a boy named Yuya who dreams of breaking free from the "Hakoniwa." Eventually, the two, along with the unique residents of the town, find themselves confronting a conspiracy that shakes the entire town. The fate of the” Hakoniwa" depends on Kagari's drawings on the map.

[Source: Crunchyroll News]

Eikyuu Shounen NEXT STAGE

  1. Adult Cast
  2. Idols (Male)
  3. Music
  4. Slice of Life
March 28, 2024 EDT

※ NOTE: BD & DVD Release

It has now been one year since six middle-aged guys with nothing left to lose started this idol group under one roof, with stars in their eyes. Overcoming various hardships and strengthening their bonds one step at a time, they have made progress into their new lives. Now you can watch in theaters the story of what comes next for the Eternal Boys, in this three-vignette feature.

[Source: Polygon Pictures]