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  1. Action
  2. Childcare
  3. Comedy
December 21, 2023 EST

He's a spy. She's an assassin. Together, Loid and Yor keep their double lives to themselves while pretending to be the perfect family. However, their adopted daughter Anya, a telepath, knows both of their exciting secrets unbeknownst to them. While under the guise of taking his family on a weekend winter getaway, Loid's attempt to make progress on his current mission Operation Strix proves difficult when Anya mistakenly gets involved and triggers events that threaten world peace!

[Source: Crunchyroll]

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Randoseru Girl no Yume wo Minai

  1. Comedy
  2. Romance
  3. School
  4. Supernatural
November 30, 2023 EST

March begins, and there is only one month left in the third term. Sakuta Azusagawa is about to celebrate the graduation of his girlfriend Mai Sakurajima. As he waits for Mai at Shichirigahama beach, an elementary school-aged girl who looks like Mai did when she was a child actress appears in front of him.

"Who are you, Mister?" she asks.

Is this a dream or an illusion? As he thinks about this mysterious experience, his father calls him.

"It's about your mother. She says she wants to see Kaede," he says.

Kaede's mother never came to terms with what happened to Kaede. Having been hospitalized for so long, their mother finally wants to see her daughter. To fulfill their mother's wish, Sakuta makes the decision to meet face-to-face — something they haven't done in a long time. He's unable to hide his nervousness about all this.

Never-before-seen scars begin to appear on Sakuta's body. Could these be warning signs of a new type of puberty syndrome?

[Source: official English website]

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Kizuna no Kiseki, Soshite Hashira Keiko e

  1. Action
  2. Historical
  3. Supernatural
February 1, 2024 EST

Theatrical screening combining:

  • Episode 11 from the Swordsmith Village Arc, featuring the conclusion to the fierce battle between Tanjiro and Upper Four, Hantengu, and Nezuko's triumph over the sun in theatres for the first time
  • Episode 1 of the Hashira Training Arc, featuring the beginning of the training conducted by the Hashira in preparation for the forthcoming final battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, also being shown for the first time.

HAIKYU!! Gomi Suteba no Kessen

  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. School
  4. Sports
  5. Team Sports
  6. Volleyball
February 15, 2024 EST

Shoyo Hinata joins Karasuno High’s volleyball club to be like his idol, a former Karasuno player known as the “Little Giant.” But, Hinata soon finds that he must team up with his middle school nemesis, Tobio Kageyama. Their clashing styles turn into a surprising weapon, but can they beat their rival Nekoma High in the highly anticipated “Dumpster Battle,” the long awaited ultimate showdown between two opposing underdog teams?

[Source: Crunchyroll]


  1. Action
  2. Adult Cast
  3. Cyberpunk
  4. Detective
  5. Psychological
  6. Sci-Fi
December 19, 2023 EST

※ NOTE: BD & DVD Release

January 2118. Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department, Akane Tsunemori, receives a report of an incident on a foreign vessel – the body of Professor Milicia Stronskaya has been discovered. Behind the incident is a group known as the Peacebreakers, a foreign paramilitary organization and a new outside threat who are targeting the professor’s research papers known as the “Stronskaya Document”.

Reunited with Shinya Kogami, a former fugitive from the Criminal Investigation Department, Akane grapples with a case that quickly escalates beyond their expectations. The Stronskaya Papers could reveal a truth that would shake Japan's government, and even the Sibyl System, to the core.

It is in this untold story that the missing link is revealed.

[Source: Crunchyroll]


  1. Basketball
  2. Comedy
  3. Drama
  4. School
  5. Sports
  6. Team Sports
February 27, 2024 EST

※ NOTE: BD & DVD Release

Shohoku’s “speedster” and point guard, Ryota Miyagi, always plays with brains and lightning speed, running circles around his opponents while feigning composure.

Born and raised in Okinawa, Ryota had a brother who was three years older. Following in the footsteps of his older brother, who was a famous local player from a young age, Ryota also became addicted to basketball.

In his second year of high school, Ryota plays with the Shohoku High School basketball team along with Sakuragi, Rukawa, Akagi, and Mitsui as they take the stage at the Inter-High School National Championship.

And now, they are on the brink of challenging the reigning champions, Sannoh Kogyo High School.

[Source: GKIDS]

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM

  1. Action
  2. Mecha
  3. Sci-Fi
January 25, 2024 EST

C.E. (Cosmic Era). An era in which there are human beings called Coordinators, born with superior physical and mental abilities thanks to genetic modification, and humans called Naturals who are born naturally. With their respective existence at stake, the ideological clash between Coordinators and Naturals escalated into war using armed force.

Along the way, the Destiny Plan was proposed, which would forcibly assign a role to each individual and create a world free of competition. But amid the fighting, this Destiny Plan was rejected in order to protect humanity's aspirations and future freedom.

[Source: GUNDAM.INFO YouTube Channel]

Yaneura no Rudger

  1. Fantasy
December 14, 2023 EST

Rudger is Amanda Shuffleup’s imaginary friend. It’s a funny old life, not really being there, but someone’s got to do it.

Nobody else can see Rudger - until the sinister Mr Bunting arrives at Amanda’s door. Mr Bunting hunts imaginaries. Rumour says that he eats them. And he’s sniffed out Rudger.

Soon Rudger is alone, and running for his imaginary life. But can a boy who isn’t there survive without a friend to dream him up?

[Source: A.F. Harrold's official website]

Meitantei Conan vs. Kaitou Kid

  1. Detective
  2. Mystery
January 4, 2024 EST

※ NOTE: Theatrical Premiere

Detective Conan compilation combining and and re-editing selected television episodes, including the debut of Kid the Phantom Thief, also adding new footage to the story in episode 76, when Conan and Kid had their first confrontation. The special will also feature exclusive new footage of "cherished interactions" between the two characters

[Source: Anime News Network; emended]

BLOODY ESCAPE: Jigoku no Tousougeki

  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Organized Crime
  4. Sci-Fi
  5. Supernatural
  6. Vampire
January 4, 2024 EST

After human experimentation turns Kisaragi into a cyborg, he finds himself pursued by multiple organizations: An undying coven of vampires bent on the conquest of Tokyo, and an immortal order of knights, and a group of Yakuza, sworn to avenge the killing of their leader.

"I might not have any reason to live, but that's no reason to let them kill me."

Kisaragi will have to use his cyborg-body and his unique "blood," as well as anything else he can to make his big escape!!!

[Source: Polygon Pictures]


  1. Idols (Male)
  2. Music
December 21, 2023 EST

A new beginning, with you, on this stage!

The dream concert by the top male idol contenders for the 'BLACK or WHITE LIVE SHOWDOWN' finally takes place!

Four groups, IDOLiSH7・TRIGGER・Re:vale・ŹOOĻ, each with their own distinct charms, come together for a spectacular live entertainment experience!

Music connects the times and people's feelings, so may this stage become timeless and beloved.