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Super Dragon Ball Heroes

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Comedy
  4. Martial Arts
  5. Super Power

The July issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine revealed that the Dragon Ball Heroes game series will get a promotional anime. The anime will depict the story's "Prison Planet" arc from Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission. The anime's "first episode" will get an advance screening at the "Super Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Tour 2018" tournament event for the game at Aeon Lake Town in Saitama prefecture on July 1.

[Source: Anime News Network]

Itou Junji: Maniac

  1. Horror
Jan 19, 2023 at 3:00am EST

From Ito's wealth of works, 20 outstanding stories with the shared theme of madness will be animated: The Strange Hikizuri Siblings, The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel, Ice Cream Bus, Hanging Balloon, Four x Four Walls, The Sandman’s Lair, Intruder, Long Hair in the Attic, Mold, Library Vision, Tomb Town, Layers of Terror, The Thing that Drifted Ashore, Tomie・Photo, Unendurable Labyrinth, The Bully, Alley, Headless Statue, Whispering Woman, and Soichi's Beloved Pet.

[Source: Netflix]

Wu Liuqi: Anying Suming

  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Drama
  4. Martial Arts
  5. Mystery
  6. Romance
  7. Super Power
Jan 17, 2023 at 9:00pm EST

The protagonist Wu Liuqi originally lived a carefree life on Xiaoji Island, but his identity became a mystery due to amnesia. As outsiders landed on the island and recognized Wu Liuqi, various conspiracies began to cover Xiaoji Island. So Wu Liuqi decided to return to Xuanwu Kingdom to meet his destiny in order to protect his partners and their homeland.

[Source: Bilibili]


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Comedy
  4. Mystery
Dec 16, 2022 at 10:00am EST

How did this young boy become notorious gentleman thief “Lupin III”?

Since the initial serialization of Monkey Punch’s globally renowned “LUPIN THE 3rd” manga in 1967, Lupin III has taken the world by storm and has appeared in various media. However, despite his longstanding status and notoriety as the world’s greatest thief, there was once a time when even Lupin III, was young and inexperienced.

Loosely based on Young Lupin III from the original manga, LUPIN ZERO will tell a nostalgic, yet brand new original story, finally lifting the veil cast upon Lupin III’s humble beginnings. Set during the era in which the original series was first published, the anime depicts Young Lupin III running around the streets of 1960’s Japan during the country’s economic boom.

A young boy climbs the staircase to villainhood. What was he thinking and what steps did he take?
This is the untold origin story of the world’s greatest thief.

[Source: TMS Entertainment]

Pole Princess!!

  1. Performing Arts
Jan 13, 2023 at 4:00am EST

Hinano Hoshikita is an ordinary 17-year old who's a little shy, and who's always loved her grandmother's planetarium.

After hearing that her beloved grandmother's planetarium is going to close, Hinano wonders if there's anything she can do to help.

Then one night, she meets a woman dancing beautifully on a pole beneath a starry sky. The woman seems to rise up so high that it's almost like she could touch the stars, and Hinano is stunned by her beauty and grace. Hinano thinks to herself that if she could put on a show like this in the planetarium, it would attract lots of customers.

With the encouragement of her childhood friend Lilia, she tracks down the woman to her pole dancing school in front of the station. But when they go inside, the room is empty except for the instructor, Azumi. She's the same woman Hinano saw before, but now she looks glum and depressed.

"What? You want to learn how to do pole dancing? Sorry, I've already decided to close the school."

Hinano and Lilia are sad to lose the hope they'd finally found.

But when she sees the look on their faces, Azumi says, "If you can find me four students, that'll be enough to pay the rent. Do that, and I'll teach you."

Hinano and Lilia start looking for students, and jump into the world of pole dancing!

Wushen Zhuzai

  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Fantasy
  4. Historical
  5. Martial Arts

The protagonist Qin Chen, who was originally the top genius in the military domain, was conspired by the people to fall into the death canyon in the forbidden land of the mainland. Qin Chen, who was inevitably dead, unexpectedly triggered the power of the mysterious ancient sword.

Three hundred years later, in a remote part of the Tianwu mainland, a boy of the same name accidentally inherited Qin Chen’s will. As the beloved grandson of King Dingwu of the Daqi National Army, due to the birth father’s birth, the mother and son were treated coldly in Dingwu’s palace and lived together. In order to rewrite the myth of the strong man in hope of the sun, and to protect everything he loves, Qin Chen resolutely took up the responsibility of maintaining the five kingdoms of the world and set foot on the road of martial arts again.


  1. Action
  2. Sci-Fi
Feb 2, 2023 at 3:00am EST

The snowy, ice-covered planet Coldfoot is home to a precious energy-rich ore called “sig.” On the surface, the planet seems to be a crime-free utopia, but in reality prisoners are used for back-breaking sig mining. Jim, a young prison guard, rushes to the site of a sudden mining accident to find a mysterious creature attacking the humans.

[Source: Netflix]

Kyouki Sanmyaku: Naked Peak (Pilot)

  1. Tags TBD
Feb 28, 2023 at 7:00am EST

A tourist jet to Antarctica mysteriously went missing.
When a search team got to the point where the signal disappeared,
they couldn't find the jet but they were met with a range of mountains unknown to humankind.

The unprecedented mountain range, with a height of over 34,000ft above sea level,
surpassing Mount Everest, was beyond human comprehension.

――People“The Mountains of Madness”

Some daring souls are now attempting to reach that violent mountain.
What will they encounter beyond the realm of death?

[Source: official website]


  1. Action
  2. Adult Cast
  3. Adventure
  4. Comedy
  5. Mystery
January 26, 2023 EST

Hitomi, Rui, and Ai are sisters and cat burglars. They steal a painting from a museum around the same time Lupin the 3rd appears to steal another painting himself. Both paintings are part of Michael Heinz’s series titled the Girl and the Flowers. To the girls, the paintings are clues for their missing father's whereabouts. When they learn Lupin is after the same target, a fire lights inside them.

[Source: Amazon Prime Video]

Sekai no Owari ni Shiba Inu to

  1. Adventure
  2. Slice of Life

The sole surviving human and her canine companion, Haru, wander a desolate wasteland after the destruction of civilization, but this is no dark doomsday tale. Haru, a wise-beyond-his-years talking shiba inu, makes sure his master stays one step ahead of post-apocalyptic pessimism with his clever antics, hilarious observations and philosophical ponderings. She may be the last girl on earth, but with Haru at her side, the road through the apocalypse will never be boring!

[Source: Sentai]

Fate/Grand Order: Fujimaru Ritsuka wa Wakaranai

  1. Comedy
February 4, 2023 EST

Ritsuka Fujimaru is humanity's last Master.

Restoring humanity would have been impossible without him.

However, even he has a shortcoming: he is honest to a fault!

This FGO slapstick anime shows Fujimaru's naive questions throwing the Heroic Spirits into turmoil, and all in the original manga's surreal tone.

[Source: Aniplex USA]

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans Urdr-Hunt

  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Mecha
  4. Sci-Fi
  5. Space
Began Fall 2022

Year P.D. 323. Gjallarhorn's political intervention into the Arbrau central parliament escalated into an armed conflict using mobile suits. The incident was brought to an end by Tekkadan, a group of boys who came from Mars.

News of Tekkadan's exploits has also reached the ears of Wistario Afam, a youth born and raised at the Radonitsa Colony near Venus. Venus, which lost to Mars in the contest for development, is a remote frontier planet in which the four great economic blocs show little interest. It is now used only as a penal colony for criminals, whose inhabitants don't even have IDs.

Then Wistario, who hopes to change the status quo of this homeland, encounters a girl who claims to be the guide to the Urdr-Hunt.

[Source: Gundam Global Portal]

Onna no Sono no Hoshi

  1. Comedy
  2. School
  3. Slice of Life
December 7, 2022 EST

Surreal but somehow nostalgic? A brand-new approach to Girl’s School Daily Life Comedy!

Mr. Hoshi is the homeroom teacher of 2nd Year Class 4 at an average Girl’s School. He spends his days baffled by the puzzles his students doodle in their class diary, forced to take care of the dog someone brought to class, giving advice to a student who wants to be a manga artist, and occasionally going for drinks with his co-worker Mr. Kobayashi.

The daily life of this awkward teacher is both endearing and amusing. Experience a hilarious slice-of-life story unlike anything you’ve seen before!

[Source: Fuji Creative Corporation]

Li Shi Zhentan Shiwusuo: A Day in Lungmen

  1. Anthropomorphic
  2. Comedy
  3. Detective
  4. Mystery
Dec 23, 2022 at 8:00am EST

※ NOTE: Arknights spin-off miniseries.

A mysterious man by the name of Lee dwells with Aak, Hung, and Waai Fu in the dark alleyways of Lungmen City. Styling themselves as Lee's Detective Agency, they strove to run errands, investigate mysteries, and mediate disputes for their neighbors. Herein lists a few of their actual yet strange cases to go with your tea.

[Source: Crunchyroll]

Inu to Shounen

  1. Drama
  2. Sci-Fi
Jan 31, 2023 at 3:00am EST

※ NOTE: Experimental short from Netflix Anime Creators' Base, AI character development company rinna, and WIT STUDIO. The short utilizes AI assistance in the background art workflow.

No synopsis has been added to this title.

Bai Lian Cheng Shen

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Fantasy
  4. Historical
  5. Martial Arts
Began Fall 2022

Zen Luo, who is now a menial slave, used to be a young master of a big family, owing to the decline of his family, his sister is imprisoned by a strong force, he has no choice but to be at others’ service. However, Every cloud has a silver lining, The ancient book left by his father actually conceals the magical spell, which can change a human into an instrument! What’s the mysterious power behind all these? This is contest with fate.

[Source: Webcomics]

Chinzei Hachirou Tametomo (2021)

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Comedy
  4. Historical

Kamimine Town, located in the eastern part of Saga Prefecture, is a place associated with the legendary military commander Minamoto no Tametomo, who is said to be "Yoshitsune in the east, Tametomo in the west."

Here, he called himself "Hachirou Chinzei" and built a castle. Chinzei and his army is said to have defeated 50,000 enemies, and many legends were left behind.

A master of bows and a big man, Chinzei had a rough temper and was even called a violent person by nature. But he was also a person with warmth and kindness full of humanity.

[Source: Production I.G via MyAnimeList]

Li Shi Zhentan Shiwusuo Specials

  1. Anthropomorphic
  2. Comedy
  3. Detective
  4. Mystery
Jan 27, 2023 at 8:00am EST

Episode 1: Once Upon a Time in Lungmen

Originium slugs have ruined a good crop. The Feline and Zalak thus parted their ways.

Episode 2: A Holiday of Two Hours

A banquet was planned for honored guests, everyone got an errand for this auspicious fest. Aak would cook and Waai Fu should greet, and Hung went to Jaye for some freshly caught fins. The time to feast finally arrived, yet the guests... had no place to dine.

A mysterious man by the name of Lee dwells with Aak, Hung, and Waai Fu in the dark alleyways of Lungmen City. Styling themselves as Lee's Detective Agency, they strove to run errands, investigate mysteries, and mediate disputes for their neighbors. Herein lists a few of their actual yet strange cases to go with your tea.


  1. Comedy
  2. Fantasy
Feb 16, 2023 at 10:00pm EST

Story following Kuromi as she travels around the world in search of her missing sister, Romina, who makes her first appearance in this anime. In addition to Romina, a number of new characters will appear, including the friends who travel with Kuromi and a member of an evil organization that stands in the way of their journey.

[Source: Crunchyroll News; emended]